Poland has extradited to Russia the co-owner of the burnt

Poland issued in Russia Vyacheslav Vishnevsky — defendant in the case about the fire in the Kemerovo shopping centre, “Winter cherry”. He is the co-owner of the shopping center and charged with bribery.

According to the investigation, Wisniewski through the mediation of his representative gave a bribe of 7 million rubles to the head of the state Inspectorate of supervision of Kemerovo oblast Tensile Komkova. The money was transferred under the form of payment for design services. In the end, despite the obvious violations, Wisniewski received permission to enter the shopping center into operation.

Vishnevsky escaped from Russia and was declared internationally wanted. In March 2019 he was detained on the territory of Poland, after which the Prosecutor General’s office sent a request for his extradition. The question was complicated by the fact that Vishnevsky in Europe is property, accounts, and he was a resident with the right to legal stay. Accompanied by a special escort Vyacheslav Vishnevskiy delivered to Russia.

a Terrible fire in “Winter cherry” was March 25, 2018. His victims were 60 people, most of them children.