the Popular American plus-size model and activist bodypositive Ashley Graham has published in social networks a series of photographs in which breast-feeding a baby. The debate that erupted among her fans, appeared in the comments under the post in Instagram.

footage posted 32-year-old Graham demonstrates in close proximity to feeding his young son Isaac. She is depicted on the sofa with his shirt open and no bra.

Some members did not appreciate the actions of Graham, finding the images too revealing. “What the hell is going on. Some things are not for prying eyes”, “I love you, and that your profile. But the truth is too”, “There is nothing wrong with breastfeeding. But no need to expose such an intimate moment for everyone to see”, “Postpartum figure — not the best sight,” they criticized.

others, However, endorsed the publication and thanked Graham for his support of bodypositive. “You’re doing it right. People need to accept that feeding in public is the norm, Women should not be ashamed of this natural process. Thank you. Ashley”, “You are a fine example for millions of women. I do not know who left negative comments,” argued nick.

the Publication of celebrity has gained more than 700 thousand likes. She Ashley Graham has not commented on the situation.

In June, Ashley Graham took part in a revealing shoot for the British version of fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar. She posed for pictures in a field in white dress length Maxi with several cutouts that bare her legs. On the cover Graham is holding his son and feeding it to the camera.