The green tide in the national elections has surprised everyone, above all the election winners themselves. With the seat of Green party leader Regula Rytz (57) and GLP-President Jürg Large (50) have to win, although expected, but never to this extent. Plus 17 seats for the Greens, plus 9 seats for the green liberal. Together, the two now come to 44 seats in the great chamber.

the question of a Eco-Bundesrat now have to seriously. No wonder, then, run the machinations in the Federal capital are in full swing. For the Federal Council, parties a lot is at stake: you have to fear for their own seats.

It comes to influence and Power. Now for the parties to insert your fields and test balloons flying to mark a Position or to cause confusion. This is explored, who is to what is the Deal ready. As well as who and for what foul. It is the time of the strategists and spin-doctors.

this VIEW shows the main scenarios. And explains what’s behind it.

The crux of the magic formula

two seats for each of the largest three parties, one for the fourth-largest. This magic formula applies, so far as a gauge. Only is nowhere stated what the “Size” exactly refers to. It is the strength of the voters? Then, the CVP would have to give their seat to the Greens. Or the number of seats in Parliament? Then everything would remain the same. Or are just involved in the largest parties in Power, once they have reached a certain strength? Then the FDP would have to give a seat to the Greens. For the CVP that would be particularly tempting, since it would, thus, also in the Federal Council to tip the scales between the left and the right.

the crux of The problem: the Unanimous opinion of the parties be never, what is the magic formula really. Valid for the variation that brings you the most Power in each case. The CVP clings to your Bastion of the Council of States, in which it is the strongest force. The FDP is not willing to make concessions. Free intimate threaten the CVP should get together with a rematch at the next opportunity, you can actually with the Green.


Again on the Table the idea of a real proportional representation for the provincial government comes. The seats would be distributed mathematically according to party strength. Depending on the method of calculation that would mean suddenly: Two seats for the SVP and the SP, FDP, CVP, Green and GLP. A variant, which brings former Federal councillor Christoph Blocher (79) in the “Sunday newspaper” to the game – if SP and FDP voluntarily give up a seat.

A proposal with calculus: Blocher, the other parties bring to each other. He plays the Green against the SP, the green liberals against the FDP. The SVP itself can sit back with satisfaction, it loses this variant is hardly of influence. In financial and socio-political matters, a right-wing majority would be thanks to GLP will continue to be safe. Concessions would have to make the SVP only in Ökofragen and could make a reputation for himself with referendums.

Nine instead of seven Federal councillors

The emergency exit also SP chief Christian Levrat (49) searches. Of course he would like to have a green seat at the expense of the FDP. However, the shock from the election on Sunday is sitting in the Enjoyed deep.

Levrat fear is that the Bourgeois to keep the Greens prefer to have a seat at the expense of the SP as to weaken the company’s own ranks. His way out: In the “SonntagsBlick” from he speaks for the increase of the Federal Council to nine members. “This would give more leeway to integrate the major parties is appropriate in the government,” says Levrat.

The SP would have their two seats in order to secure, the Green also. But who gets the ninth seat? The SVP or the GLP? The bickering would continue. Moreover, this solution is not from today to tomorrow, but by the people approved would be.

For the Green the time

pushing urges But the time: 11. December is chosen, the entire Swiss Federal Council. A resignation is none, the Previous seven to come back.

The Green would have to call for a President of the Federal Council – and since there are many members of Parliament but Beisshemmungen yet.

it is quite possible that the major parties agree to the fact that the green’s electoral victory confirmed in four years, or at least a suitable vacancy, you must wait. Only then, the green door opens into the Federal Council room.