Station "Filatov lug", "Prokshino", "alder" and "project" on the Sokolnicheskaya line of the Moscow metro from July 14 to August 19 will operate on a special schedule. On weekends and some Mondays they are closed completely, other days they will be open until 23:00, said Tuesday the Department of transport and development of road transport infrastructure of Moscow.

"14 July to 19 August the metro station "Filatov lug", "Prokshino", "alder" and "project" the Sokolnicheskaya line move to a special schedule. On weekends and some Mondays they are closed, and on other days, these stations will be open until 23:00. It is connected with necessity of carrying out of works on the device on this site modern seamless way", – stated in the message.

It is noted that such work can be carried out only when the line stopped passenger traffic and removed the voltage from the contact rail. Professionals will conduct work on the device more than 15 km long rails of track in the section between the stations "Salarevo" and "project". Changes to the schedule will speed up the process.

Except the days off, expected to close on Monday 27 July, 3 and 10 August and from 23:00 Friday 14 August until the morning of Thursday 20 August. Passengers will be able to use the free bus route KM, which will run along the gated plot with stops at metro stations. Travel is possible and on regular bus routes.