accelerate The pace. That was the requirement of EVZ coach Dan Tangnes (40) to his team after they had conceded in Lausanne, the balance in the series. Happy the Norwegian was in the second duel that his Team has shown after the residue character. “With the many penalties but we have shot ourselves in the foot,” Tangnes. Discipline is, therefore, his second claim.

And what is the Zug? You meet both the demands of your Trainer, unconditionally. You press on the accelerator, playing the latter – the need to always refrain from Topskorer Dustin Jeffrey (Ka) – dizzy. The shot ratio of 19:4 from the point of view of the Zuger speaks in the Start-third volumes.

Lausanne is unable to find any answers

The Canton of Vaud play quite as destructive as in the first duel in a train, in a reply to the counter hit, you can find nevertheless no. The Zug-based game is quick, efficient, top notch. They playfully show Lausanne the differences quite clearly. And because the LHC-coach Ville Peltonen (45, Fi) does not deviate from his Coaching, the best people to (over)promote, hold, the latter the longer the game lasts the less step.

The Zug-based powers more – because they can. In his first Playoff using the substitute Goalie Luca Boltshauser (25) holds his box just four and a half minutes. And To be? Tobias Stephan (35), his first Shutout in these Playoffs. A further Premiere of the anti-warhorse Johan Morant (32) with his first Playoff hit in his five years at ECC. And in his entire career!

: Lino Martschini (Zug). Is the best way to play the best Playoffs of his career.

Jonas Junland (Lausanne). To be AC-
chaos in the Boxplay free Martschini.

6. Martschini (Roe, Alatalo/PP) 1:0. 18. Roe (Alatalo/PP) 2:0. 28. Suri (Martschini) 3:0. 40. (39:56) Morant (Martschini) 4:0. 45. Simion (PP) 5:0.

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