The EHC Biel tomorrow game for only the third Time in a seventh Playoff. And the view back is a painful. The last Time it came to Zeeland in the quarter-finals three years ago to the game, everything or nothing: the “Hollywood series” against the ZSC, coach Kevin Schläpfer with Lions Coach Marc Crawford put on and at the height of his creativity. However, in the last game of the Zurich would no longer be from the Reserve curls. The contest at the 5:2 victory of the current Biel-striker Mike Künzle with the 3:1 made shortly before game center.

two years before that, Biel was in Game 7 of the quarter-finals against Fribourg, after the Schläpfer Team had made a 0:3 behind betting. 6:1-Gottéron-Triumph Simon Gamache hit a triple. It works in the morning on the third attempt, for the Biel, celebrated today, eleven years ago, the rise of?

Bern won the last three a Belle

The SCB-and-white after all, how to win a game 7. Least it worked even three times in a row: 2015 in the quarter-finals of the “concrete series” against Heinz Ehlers’ Lausanne and the Finn Jesse Joensuu redeemed the SCB, with its 2:1 in extra time. And in 2013, the SCB, also at home, both in the quarter-final against Servette in the semi-final against the train with a 4:1 and celebrated at the end, under the current Biel-Coach Antti Törmänen the title of master.

Törmänen was also the year before to the gang, as the SCB experienced one of its most bitter moments. After the Bernese had gambled in the series against the ZSC Lions to a 3:1 lead, they lost the Grand final a maximum in the PostFinance-Arena 1:2, as Steve McCarthy with his 2:1, the Zurich 2.5 seconds before the end of the title shot. Even today, many are convinced in Bern that the hit should not count because Andres Ambühl had addressed previously, SCB-Goalie Marco Bührer.

The Grand final a maximum of Triumph against Servette

in 2011, had made the Bernese in the semi-final series against Kloten a 0:3 deficit to betting, but then the game 7 lost in the Zürcher unterland. The only goal of the game Mark Bell scored in the 13. Minute.

The most beautiful game 7 of the SCB in 2010 experienced. For the first time, the Team of Larry Huras in the Playoff era, was able to win a title at home. In the Grand final a maximum of Servette 4:1 was gebodigt. The Geneva already in the 2 were. Minute lead. However, Etienne Froidevaux, David Jobin, Jean-Pierre Vigier and Pascal Berger found the answer.

2007: Hiller with a Shutout against the SCB to the farewell

It was the first victory for the SCB in a game 7. Before that, you had failed in a Belle three times: 2007 in the Grand final a maximum in Davos, as Robin Leblanc, the only goal scored and the current Biel-Keeper Jonas Hiller adopted with a Shutout in the direction of North America. In 2003, in the semi-final in Davos (0:3). And in 1998 in the quarter-final in Ambri (2:3), where the Bernese playful in the last ten minutes of a 2:1 lead.

For the SCB, tomorrow will be the tenth game 7. With a victory, the Team of Kari Jalonen could compensate the city of Berne, balance at 5:5.

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