Playing it really really safe Warren waits until Bidens the last man standing before endorsing him for 2020

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has finally endorsed former vice president Joe Biden for the 2020 presidential race. With no other Democrats left in the field, her tardy decision left voters less than enthusiastic.

Warren somewhat belatedly threw her support behind the presumptive nominee on Wednesday via Twitter, days after Democratic Socialist challenger Bernie Sanders dropped out of the race. She was the last holdout among Biden’s former rivals to endorse the centrist Democrat.

Warren ruffled supporters’ feathers after her own departure from the nominating contest last month, when she refused to come out in support of either Sanders or Biden. Many in the party’s progressive faction resented her for supposedly taking a fatal bite out of Sanders’ lead in several close Super Tuesday races.

The senator’s waiting game – even former president Barack Obama endorsed Biden on Tuesday! – did not go unnoticed by the social media commentariat. “Brave of her,” one user snarked.

Shocking turn of events, going out on a limb, choosing the last remaining Democrat over Donald Trump.

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Some hoped (or feared) that Warren might end up as Biden’s vice president.

I really hope @JoeBiden picks you for his Vice President.

Wonder if he’ll pick her as VP to pander to the Progressives and try and drag some of the Bernie supporters back over?

The Trump campaign and its supporters weighed in, pointing out that she had just called him a “Washington insider” less than two months ago and suggesting she was less than sincere about the whole thing.

Just six weeks ago, Elizabeth Warren attacked Joe Biden as a “Washington insider” backed by “Washington insiders.””Nominating a man who says we do not need any fundamental change in this country will not meet this moment,” she said.

Elizabeth Warren’s backing of Joe Biden has to be the least sincere endorsement ever.No one else is left in the Democrat race.The whole of the Democrat establishment has fallen in line.Warren looks around a gives a half-hearted “Same.”The ambivalence is palpable.

Snake emojis were rampant from disaffected progressives – as were references to sexual assault allegations against Biden.

Was waiting until after Bernie endorsed the concession you got for completely selling out? We’re coming for your Senate seat in 2024. Don’t even THINK about running for POTUS again. ?

I mean she did just endorse a rapist but ok

But the blue-check brigade was all smiles – better late than never!

This is so, so damn good. As with everything else, Elizabeth Warren refuses to just check a box. She’s showing up for the fight and making it clear we need to get behind Joe Biden as the next leader of our country.

Classy, effective, well produced endorsement

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