There are violent scenes, the Lottstetten on Saturday in the German town near the Swiss border play. The result: A huge police operation, several injured and a smashed Local.

At the beginning of the whole incident, a confrontation between a ten-year-old girl and two teenagers aged 14 and 17 years of age, stands on a Playground in the place. As the local news site “” writes, to have been insulted the child “solid with sexually suggestive sets and offended”. The ten-year-old fled to her mother in a nearby Restaurant.

The mother did not want to accept the verbal attacks against your child but just so. Together with her 22-year-old son, she found the two teenagers, who were now with two other colleagues on the road, in a house entrance.

“I was afraid for my life!”

Shortly thereafter, the matter seemed to be cleared up and the mother and her son were able to go back to the Local for a ten-year-old girl. However, the major escalation was imminent as yet.

Only a little later to be charged “complete strangers” to the Restaurant, had thrown without warning barstool by the Local and wild riot, signs, people, surreal scenes, in front of “”. Also, several guests have been attacked. An eye witness said: “I was afraid for my life!”

Allegedly, the attackers were driving in cars with German and Swiss flag in Lottstetten. About 20 to 30 people were involved in the Robbery.

What is the role played by the mother and her son?

another Person who had observed the dispute also from the beginning, tells a different Version of the incident. Accordingly, it is intended only for the young people on the Playground to a 12 – and a 13-year-old boys have acted. In addition, the mother of the ten-year-old girl is said to have attacked the two.

And also the older son of the mother has contributed to the according to eye witnesses to the escalation: He should spit on two more boys were added to the Scene, and on the ground have thrown. One of them is even supposed to have occurred, whereupon a Boy had to be later with the suspicion of a cerebral hemorrhage in the hospital.

in Total were injured in the incident, at least six people. In addition to the German police, Swiss officials, as well as the border stood guard command in use. (cat)