SF, Enhedslisten and The Radicals will find karantæneløsning for migrants without legal residence.

People without legal residence in Denmark can not get help to isolate themselves and protect others against infection with a coronavirus, if they are experiencing symptoms of the disease or tested positive for it. And the authorities should as soon as possible do something about.

this is the sound of the warning from several stakeholders, who believe there is a serious risk that migrants will become infected and put the time in smittekæder.

It writes the Information.

– Right now we do not know what we should do, if unregistered migrants are infected with the Covid-19 (the disease resulting from the coronavirusset, ed.).

– There is not a solution from the government, so they can get inside and isolate themselves, says Maja Løvbjerg Hansen from the organization Gadejuristen to Information.

the Problem is, first, that the act does not apply to persons without legal stay in Denmark.

for this reason, the city of Copenhagen does not offer migrants special karantænepladser.

The municipality may otherwise make to the other socially disadvantaged groups who “exhibit symptoms of Covid-19 or has demonstrated Covid-19”. And who do not have the opportunity to isolate themselves.

For the second problem is that migrants without legal residence typically are reluctant to contact the Danish authorities, because they risk being strafforfulgt and expelled.

Socialborgmester in the city of Copenhagen Mia Nyegaard (RV) believes that the crisis situation requires action.

– There is a group of exposed persons and foreign homeless people, who can’t get the help of the municipality, and which are particularly vulnerable to get and spread the corona, she says to the Information.

– If we must stop every year, we have to help, no matter why they are here, adding Mia Nyegaard.

She says that migrants without legal stay typically live close together without good hygiene, and that, therefore, they can easily infect and be infected.

Moreover, it is a group, which has a major interface with the rest of society, says Maja Løvbjerg Hansen.

– It is close to everything. It is the people who put the goods on the shelves in the stores. It is the driver that comes with the takeaway, she says to the Information.

the SF Police and The Radical says to the newspaper that there will be a special opportunity for foreigners without a residence permit in Denmark can get quarantined if they are infected with the coronavirus.

– We are in a situation where it is about to stop the infection, and therefore it is important that everyone who gets sick, comes in quarantine, says the Unity spokeswoman on integration, Rosa Lund.

Foreigners, integration, Mattias Tesfaye (S) writes in an email 26. march to the Information that the government is aware “of this challenge.”

He adds, that “several ministries are in the process of finding a common solution”.

According to the Rockwool Foundation’s estimate was that in 2018 about 26,000 unregistered migrants in Denmark.