The solidariteitsinitiatieven get to the waste quarantine time as the mushrooms out of the ground. A lot of clubs do, then it is also an effort to give back to their loyal fans, and now the soccer ball at rest.

some of the older fans of Norwich City during the coronacrisis do not grow lonely. “We have a relatively ’old’ seizoenkaarthouders,” the Netherlands goalkeeper, Tim Krul. “Therefore, all members of the club, a list of genes with the numbers of dozens and dozens of elderly people. We have to call them every week just as and when there is a psychological or physical problem we would like to inform you that in the Norwich City area.”

It is, however, usually have a nice conversation about the game of football. “And that will be very much appreciated,” says Angie, who is in satisfying shape to play their part and to be part of it.“My neighbor across the street is 94 and the last time I helped her with the groceries. Gevalletje a small effort, great pleasure.”

Tim Krul pleziert of the older fans of Norwich City (Photo: Photo in the News < / P> (Such as calling a sick fan

Well Carlo, Such as, the coach of Everton, he did have a role to play in the pocket. The Italian restaurant did have a nice chat with a fan, which is a neuromuscular condition. His favorite series on Netflix, the one about the corona virus and the situation in Italy, it doesn’t always have to be about football.

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