the same Ceferin, founder explained why it is important to restart the game, and also specify what it depends on: “Football is permeated with positive energy. Until he returns, people will not have the feeling that all is well. We’d like to see the game resumed in the stadiums as quickly as possible, but it all depends on state authorities. It is a question of policy.”

So the first green light to the football gave in Germany. It is assumed that the matches of the 26th round will be held from 15 to 17 may. The exact schedule of games yet, but the poster is the famous Ruhr Derby between Borussia Dortmund and Schalke.” Alas, it will take place behind closed doors: the lack of fans in the stadiums – an indispensable condition for the resumption of the season. Moreover, if fans will gather next to the arena, it will be an occasion to stop the matches.

During the game at the stadium can contain no more than 300 people, including four police officers, ten journalists, four Babaev, eight employees of the arena and 50 security personnel.

the players also worked out a detailed code. Before matches the players are sequestered in hotels. On the eve of the meetings, they will be tested with the results on match day. Based on these data, a decision will be made about the participation of the athlete in the game.

and, of course, the rules of social distancing has not been canceled. Teams will travel in three buses. On the field players are required to go separately. No handshakes, joint photos, press conferences, etc.

Other European leagues from the Bundesliga is lagging behind. For example, the German football League on Monday gave a countdown on the large-scale testing for coronavirus players and staff of the 36 clubs of the first and second Bundesliga. From 1724 samples were positive only ten. And here in Spain the testing started on Wednesday. The whole world has seen pictures with the players of real Madrid and Barca, General of the base for tests and training. It is clear that the training classes is also only possible subject to various constraints. For example, players must come to the base already in the form, at the same time the field may have no more than six players and so on. The restart of La Liga is scheduled for early June.

Around the same time plans to resume the Series A. Players are allowed to train on may 4, but while in individual mode. And while the players gather in the location of their clubs. So, on the eve of Turin has arrived the leader “Juventus” Cristiano Ronaldo, which, however, would have to serve a two-week quarantine before he can start training again. In the English Premier League to training at best back altogether on may 18.

But in Russia, according to media reports, an official statemente about the 2019/2020 season expected according to the results of the Executive Committee of the Russian football Union on may 15.