Last year, she was to see wayward Commissioner in the TV crime series “the Wild”, now you change the fronts: Sarah Spale (39) assumes the main role of the Junkie-mommy’s in the movie “platzspitz baby”, loosely based on the eponymous Bestseller by Michelle Halbheer (28) from the year 2013 is based. The autobiography of the young Zurich-born touched at that time, the Switzerland and led for much of the literature charts.

in This gritty role of a mother that loses itself in the swamp of drugs of Zurich in the early 90s, was made Spale on the body, explains producer Peter Reichenbach (64), who with films such as “foster boy” (2011) and “night train to Lisbon” (2013) attention: “Sarah brings to this complex figure, not only the Talent but also the necessary bandwidth as a character actress – she is the perfect cast!”

visit a drug point of contact

for weeks, researched Spale stories from the Milieu of the addict and to prepare for a day in a drug point of contact in Basel. She wanted to get a feeling for the marginalized and their dreary living conditions.

When the nurse from Basel, stands in front of the camera, she works part-time in a youth centre. This sense of growing up, helped the two-time mother, a good relationship to your film daughter Mia to build up, which is played by the twelve-year-old Luna Mwezi. The girl chosen to Entice with the brown under 120 children.

Filmed at the Original locations

start The filming of “platzspitz baby” on 22. April, will be filmed at Original locations in Zurich. The open drug scene in the heart of the Limmat city, made between 1986 to 1992 headlines around the world. Daily, up to 3000 Fixer and a couple in the city parks.

the film adaptation of The moving story of a girl growing up in that drug scene, the necessary processing of this society in Zurich trauma, says producer Reichenbach: “What moves me about this story is its happy ending. The girl does not sink itself in the swamp of drugs, such as Christiane F. in the classic “We children from train station Zoo”, our girl manages to develop a healthy young woman.”