Pale skin, dark rings around the eyes and a step on wobbly, spindly legs: “Wild”Star Sarah Spale (39) is on the Film Set of the “platzspitz baby” in Wald ZH almost unrecognizable. The girl from Basel, Switzerland plays the Junkie mother, Sandrine, is lost in Zurich-the swamp of drugs in the early 90s. A complex and dark role for the popular TV Commissioner.

“, A role that is in my bones”

“The most Difficult thing is, in the depths of a drug-addict, you endure, and let go,” says Spale, the non-met to prepare for only people from the Milieu, but also a day in a drug point spent. “My character is very explosive, wild, emotional roller-coaster ride.” Physically, the Junkie demanded-from a roll a lot from her: “I’m going to have pain to this woman, with her nervous movements, her insecure – until I in the evening a strong back. Sandrine is a role that is in my bones.”

Still, the mother of two manages to End off: “My children get me out of the emotional Deep. The want to have just your mommy, Sarah.”

The Film “platzspitz baby” is inspired by Michelle Halbheers (33) of the same name best-selling biography of 2013. The author grew up as a child with her addict mother in the Zurich drug scene at the platzspitz. In the urban Park system in the river Limmat up to 3000 Fixer – center was crowded at the time, every day, there is a little girl.

“Luna is my compass”

This girl is played by Luna Mwezi (12) from Küsnacht ZH. Producer Peter Reichenbach (64, “der verdingbub”) is excited about the Young Talent: “Luna has an insane game of fantasy and Intuition, all on the Set you love.” The broken movie-the mother, the girl has a particularly close relationship. “Luna is my compass that guides me through every difficult scene,” says Sarah Spale. “We have a real relationship of trust.”

The shooting will last four weeks. “Platzspitz baby” should come at the beginning of 2020 in the cinemas. “Our Film will shed light on this dramatic Chapter of Swiss social history, without losing hope.”