One Friday morning in march, drove the two buses over planovergangen in Tønsberg city centre on the red light. The back the bus was close by to get one jernbanebommen in the ceiling.

the Incident was captured by a camera on the train, which was about to run out from Tønsberg station in the direction planovergangen.

Path Nor has reported to the police the run.

– We look so serious that it is happening such hazardous incidents. We wish that all the drivers running caution on such level crossings, ” says Ingunn Halvorsen, communications manager at Orbit Eng department in the South-West.

It is not the first time it happens serious incidents at this planovergangen. The transition in the Tønsberg is the planovergangen in Norgen it has happened to most near misses, over the last year. Followed by the the at the Valley station and Lerli on the Dovrebanen. Only in the last year have six cars and five buses have been trapped between the barriers in Tønsberg.

the Notification by planovergangen in Tønsberg works so that it blinks red first, then close the barriers after that.

See video of a car running on red in the barriers are going to go down.

WATCH: This car also runs on red. Filmed by a Path Nor employee. You need javascript to see the video.

SEE: This car also runs on red. Filmed by a Path Nor employee.

Register several hundred illegal crossings Takes up the case of internal

the Buses in this current incident, the company Unibuss as running for Vestfold and Telemark county, according to the Path Nor.

Ms. Emilie Mejlænder in Unibuss will not comment on this case until the company has received documentation of the incident. She tells on the general grounds that the bus drivers have previously said that the signal at the transitions come too late.

– Meaning that the buses run on green, but that it changed to red while the buses are on the way over, ” says Mejlænder.

She says that they are going to follow up the matter internally with the drivers.

railroad crossing: It was at this transition in Tønsberg that the buses ran on the red.

Photo: Anette Dotseth Stensholt / NRK Believe there is enough time,

Explanation of the buses running on the green, but unable to get over the don’t think the Path Nor votes. They believe that there should be enough time to be able to run over to signalanlegget is set.

If you follow the signals and running on the green, then there is enough time, ” says Halvorsen.

Halvorsen says that this is a very busy planovergang and therefore they will have a meeting with those involved.

We have a shared interest that it should not happen any accidents. Therefore, we would like to put us down with bussjåførene.

in Total, there have been 247 near misses to accidents from 1. January in the year on level crossings in Norway. It is defined by the Path Nor as an incident that could have caused a serious accident.