Because a number of employees are currently absent due to the flu and RS viruses and there are no doctors in the children’s wards, the Berlin Charité will go into emergency operation next week.

From next Monday, all treatments that can be planned in the Berlin Charité, Europe’s largest university clinic, will be postponed. The employees of the Berlin University Hospital are currently informing all patients who have an appointment next week. This is reported by the ” Tagesspiegel “.

RS virus, flu and corona: The number of sick leave is currently increasing, which is why emergency operations are being initiated. According to a spokeswoman for the university clinic, the employees should also be used more on the children’s wards.

Around a third of all treatments are affected by the postponement, according to the “Tagesspiegel”. Accordingly, hundreds of appointments per day would have to be postponed due to the emergency operation.

“We regret this procedure, but we want to make it possible for urgent treatments such as time-critical tumor operations, transplantations, care of patients after a stroke, heart attack or other emergencies to be carried out,” says the Charité. The university clinic assumes that the situation will last until the end of the year.

The largest hospital in Brandenburg, the Carl Thiem Clinic in Cottbus, will also have to massively restrict its operations in the next few days. All non-essential surgeries are being postponed due to a drastic increase in influenza and corona infections.