Officially, there’s the Pixel 4 is not to buy in Switzerland. A Trouble for the Swiss Fans and the biggest Fail of Google. But, of course, the Smartphone also works here without any problems. Who doesn’t want to buy it personally in the foreign countries, it can also import. About my There you have to pay the Euro prices plus 14.90 CHF service fee. The customs clearance and the Swiss VAT my shopping take care of, you can get the device sent home and have nothing to worry about. Important is only that you contacted the shopping service, and not themselves ordered.

The tested Pixel 4 with the smallest storage size of 64 GB will cost around 840 Swiss francs, which is slightly cheaper than the Swiss traders, the import also Google Phones from abroad.

The prices show that Google devices are among the most expensive Android devices on the market. About 800 francs for the “small” model with a 5.7-inch Screen and mickrigem store is already not just a little. Upgradeable this is not. And who wants a reasonable 128 GB, comes almost to 1000 francs.

The Pixel is, as in previous years, tax – and, as with its predecessors, Google creates a completely convincing Hardware to put together. After all, there’s no major screen problems like the pixels 3. But this Time, the battery life is a Fail.

the battery of The Google Pixel 4 has no

Tag, The normal Pixel 4 only has a 2800 mAh big battery – which is even a bit smaller than the predecessor. And who uses the Phone a lot, so it won’t get through the day, without in-between charge times to. This is weak, especially because the competition has been upgraded in this area is strong. Even the iPhone now has a really good battery life.

Incomprehensible, two other Hardware choices from Google. So there is no fingerprint Scanner, but instead, the manufacturer such as Apple relies on face detection. Which is fast and reliable, nevertheless, you will need to type always changes the Code.

And, in the case of the camera, there’s finally a second Sensor. But instead of a wide angle to incorporate lens, like all the other manufacturers, Google uses an optical Two-fold Zoom. The U.S. manufacturer awards here is a Chance, because the user has to use almost no extra.

The biggest disappointment is the Design. Thanks to the back with the beautiful contrast between the color and the black housing edges as well as the black, camera-square, the Pixel 4 a unique Look. But only in the versions in white and orange. In black, the Smartphone is just boring.

After all, would this fit to the front. There, the Pixel 4 not only looks like the predecessor, but just like a Smartphone from the year 2015. The thickness of the housing edges and an ugly black bar at the top of the Screen are a Ablöscher. It just seems like would have given Google no effort to make a really great Amoled Screen with a 90-Hertz images refresh frequency in the best light.

the camera and the Software are outstanding

Google needs the space above the screen for cameras and Sensors. This will make the face detection for sure, which of course is reasonable. In addition, there is a new Feature called Motion Sense. So you can control with Gestures, the mobile phone, such as the alarm clock off or on to the next piece of music jump. This works only moderately, especially in a half-sleep. In addition, the gesture control is only in very few applications at all possible.

in Spite of all these weaknesses, there are reasons why the Pixel has many Fans and Tech experts is very popular. The thickness of the Pixel 4, the Software in turn. So the pure Android 10 simply runs significantly smoother and faster than all other Android devices. It is a pleasure to use Apps and in the menu, browse around. And it is comforting to know that you get from Google all the security updates immediately and directly, faster than any other Android device.

The second Highlight of the camera is in spite of the lack of wide angle. The night mode of the Pixel 4 is probably the best on the market, the Google shoot-Smartphone-bright, sharp, and always amazing well-illuminated images. Especially in difficult situations, the Pixel 4 can convince. Also the portrait mode is almost perfect and it works not only in humans, but also animals and objects.

Thus, it is one of the best and easily most camera phones on the market. Whether it can, however, beat the iPhone 11, the was chosen by the readers to number 1, really, needs to show a detailed comparison. In the overall comparison the is difficult, since Google neglected to continue the video function in comparison to the photo area a bit.

What is striking is also positive: The good processing of the screen and the casing, the default is also to IP68-waterproof.

Anyone looking for a good camera phone with pure Android, the should look at the pixels 4 in more detail. An Upgrade to larger and, unfortunately, 165 Swiss francs more expensive XL is certainly worth Considering, because the battery life is decent. If you want more Features, a more versatile camera, better Design or a better price-performance ratio, the competition for better deals.