Previously, the pixels were phones from Google only for Insider. To much they cost compared with the products of the competition from Samsung and Huawei, which have offered more spectacular Smartphones for less money. That was also a conscious strategy of Google. The Pixel-cell phones were a technology carrier for the latest Android Features and never for the mass audience thought. That could change now.

Because Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai has been presented at the big developer conference I/O, two new Smartphones at a low price. The Pixel 3a of the costs in the US 400 francs. The larger the model, the pixels 3a XL 480 francs. This is less than half as much as the last Pixel models.

smears with case and processor

of Course, you have to make compromises: for example, there is a plastic housing that feels according to the first Tests, although of high quality, but it is just plastic. Wireless Charging there is not this also, in addition, the housing is not waterproof.

Significantly more painful for the buyer, the Downgrade in the processor is: Google has installed the Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 with 4 GB of memory. Also, the 64 GB of storage without any possibility of expansion are rather limited. Especially because you can’t get his photos and Videos as with other Pixel models for free in the highest resolution and unlimited on Google photos, for sure, but only in slightly reduced quality.

The best smartphone camera in this price segment

nevertheless, almost all of the critics of the Google 3a as a good Deal as a phone with an excellent price-performance ratio – and this is not only because of the send of 5,6 – and 6-inch-Oled-Screens.

the most Important Argument for the new Google Phones is the camera. Here, you get almost the same quality as the twice as expensive Pixel 3. Further, the manufacturer uses only a 12-Megapixel lens, but the Software behind it brings the best out of the Sensor.

So, there is an excellent night mode, you can shoot great portrait photos and the automatic is as reliable as any other Smartphone. Overall, it is probably for this price, currently there are no better cell phone camera.

In Switzerland, the Pixel is far too expensive

Also outstanding is the Software: With the Pixel, you can enjoy Android in the pure – and, thus, the 3a, despite the moderately good processor, very fast. More importantly, You will receive guaranteed for three years, regularly Updates directly from Google much faster than all other Android Phones.

Unfortunately, for Swiss Fans is also a bad news. Google does not intend to continue to distribute the Pixel-Phones in Switzerland. You have to get so abroad or an importer looking to do that. This does not mean, however, that the devices price at us quite so attractive.

Digitec offers the 3a for 499 Swiss francs, the 3a XL for 599 Swiss francs. In this price range is about a new Xiaomi Mi-9 is available – with twice as much memory, the best of the Snapdragon processor and full equipment.