As a small child was happy Pirmin Reichmuth on this flight. However, at the first meeting with the venerable Pilatus P-3 Swiss air force on the airfield in Locarno, his euphoria turns into skepticism. “I can’t really imagine that I’ll come to this old part in the enjoyment of a proper adrenalin rush.”

to do This, you must know that the Zug adrenaline has technically since his Childhood, above-average claims. At eight, he jumped in the Verzasca valley, for the first time from a twelve-Meter-high bridge into the river. The experienced P-3 and PC-7 Pilot Roland Ginggen know exactly that such a bridge jump in comparison to a one-hour flight with the long-term training plane the army, a kids birthday is the same. But the bird-man from the Bernese Oberland to let the greatest king-hope of the intra-Swiss is still in a bit of skepticism burn. The muscle package from Cham pushes when getting in the car to its limits. The 198 cm long and 122-pound Top-of-the Athlete must squeeze into the narrow Co-Pilot seat.

The biggest toss of his life

Now there is no going Back. Captain Ginggen starts the engine of the 1954-built machine. Shortly before twelve o’clock it means: “Ready for take-off.” The start-up phase runs exactly as unspectacular as it Pirmin feared Reichmuth. No comparison to the rise that he has himself realized at the beginning of this season in the sawdust. The skilled butcher, who was stopped in the last five years, three times due to cross-band cracks at the knee, triumphed Canton on Zug, URI, and Lucerne. On a Wreath of the URI, Piri has cleared the Lucerne Joel Wicki like a school boy out of the way.

In Locarno, the high-flyers no longer feel quite so comfortable in his skin. After the slow start phase begins Ginggen to accelerate his old bird is powerful and turns in the Gotthard Region, with around 350 cases and two spectacular roles. Reichmuth contorts his face and moans for the first Time: “My God, this is so very much more violent than I imagined it in a dream!”

But the Pilot Ginggen has to offer so much more stunning items. High above the maggia valley, he accelerates again and flies a loop and a roll to the left and to the right. The strongest man in the Urschweiz it pressed with full force into his seat. Reichmuth, who currently is the physiotherapist, would now have nothing against it, if Roland Ginggen would initiate the landing approach. But this is not enough, grabs two loops, and four rolls. “Ufffff”, moans Reichmuth. “Now, then, but not really enough for me.”

The Pilot served him, however, before landing a special Dessert. Above the Lago Maggiore Reichmuth allowed to take the joystick yourself. The fun factor stays within limits: “I just feel very insecure.” Fun he had in mid-season as a transducer always. In the evening he had to let two counterparties and on the Part of the Board of the Central Switzerland he suffered against Benji von Ah is the only defeat in this season. But then, succeeded to the 23-Year-old after a break from competition on the last Sunday in July, the largest throw of his life – Reichmuth won the mountain classic on the Brünig, the feast of victory!

The greatest hope of all intra-Swiss

ever since that day, the hopes of his homeland in terms of Federal huge. Many Fans expect from Pirmin Reichmuth, that he bestowed in his home city of Zug Central Switzerland the first swing king title since Harry Knüsel, 1986. As a burden Reichmuth does not experience the huge expectations of his countrymen but: “I feel much more anticipation than pressure.” His explanation sounds plausible: “My career in the last few years due to the knee injury just before the Off. That’s why I enjoy now that my health is really good, every Competition is particularly intense.”

Really good Reichmuth feels even now, shortly after 13 o’clock, after the Pilot has landed the on the first glance inconspicuous “bird” for sure. “I’m going to remember it, it was a terrific experience. What started at the beginning so harmless, was a sample for me with the time to be a real burden. My body had to temporarily hold loads of up to 4 g. For me, this is the absolute Limit.”

23. to 25. August dominate giants, sawdust, and put on their drill trousers, Switzerland – the Swiss Federal wrestling and Alpine sport festival in train. Here you will find everything you need to know about the Mega-Event.