Pirelli will release a revolutionary tire that supports 5G networks

the Tires are the first to experience all the flaws of the asphalt, the first fall in the puddles, and the only thing that connects the car with the road is the contact patch the size of a palm. Pirelli has created a technology that will allow the rubber through 5G networks to share data about road conditions with other cars.

Italian tyre brand celebrates the premiere of new summer tires premium Pirelli P7 Cinturato, whose launch is timed to the 70th anniversary of the famous model Cinturato Pirelli. The most interesting fact is that the Cinturato P7 is involved in the cyber research Pirelli for connecting the tire to the networks of high speed data 5G.

In fact, Pirelli was the first company in the global tyre industry, which was able to provide data exchange with the tires on the 5G network. Thanks to this technology, “smart tyres” Pirelli will be able to pass other vehicles and the road infrastructure information about potentially hazardous situations – the aquaplaning on a particular stretch of road, and other “surprises.”

as for the basic characteristics of the model Cinturato P7, then the premium tyres of the new generation combines improved behavior on wet surfaces and enhanced resistance to aquaplaning. But the most important thing confident driving in wet road conditions combined with the characteristic for the Cinturato P7 high performance on dry pavement.

first, Pirelli has managed to drastically reduce the stopping distance from 100 km/h from 4 meters. Second, the new tires provide a higher acoustic comfort and the ability to demirovici unevenness of the roadway, which positively affects the ride.

Finally, the new Pirelli Cinturato P7 become more economical because the rolling resistance in the new model decreased by 12%. In real terms this means a 4% saving in fuel consumption on test cycle WLTP and to reduce emissions of harmful substances. Moreover, for hybrid vehicles and electric cars, there is a modification called the Cinturato P7 Elect, possessing optimized characteristics.

it is Worth noting that in the line of new tires Cinturato P7 present version of the tire technology Run Flat Seal Inside and allowing you to continue driving even after a puncture.

Text: Avtovesti