The main shareholder CHTPZ Andrey Komarov will be included in the capital of the Zagorsk factory, one of the main suppliers of pipes for Gazprom. This is the first step towards the creation of large industrial groups, which will be the supplier of pipes for the entire TEK. In the result, the combined company will occupy about one third of the LD pipe market in Russia.Zagorski pipe plant (ztd) and CHTPZ has announced joint plans to create a manufacturing group to ensure energy companies pipe and related products. To do this, the main shareholder CHTPZ Andrei Komarov together with its partners, whose names were not disclosed, will be included in the capital ZTZ 50%. The share of personally to Mr. Komarov will be at least 25%. CEO ZTZ will remain Denis Safin. In the next stage of development of industrial group it is planned to consolidate industrial assets of the parties. The parties have not yet called the timing of the consolidation.According to “Interfax”, the number of industrial partners of the group may be increased, as it may include major financial structure. RBC reported that Gazprombank — the largest creditor of CTRP — can Finance a deal if the parties agree on a price. The representative of Gazprombank declined to comment. According to estimates CTRP, the demand for LD pipe market in 2021 will be at the level of 2.23 million tonnes in 2022 — 2,46 million tons.74,99% ZTZ belongs to the structure of Denis Safin, and 25% are in ownership of “Ksedos invest”, reporting to the co-founder and partner of lawyer Bureau “Egorov, Puginsky, Afanasev and partners” Nikolay Egorov. ZTZ representative declined to comment on how to change the packets after entering the capital of the company Andrey Komarov and partners. Interlocutors “” in the market indicate that in recent years, Mr. Egorov had no significant impact on the business ZTZ, so it would not be surprising if he will sell his share. “B” sent a request to the representatives of Nikolay Egorov.Recently ZTZ looking for opportunities for business expansion. The company planned to buy from “metalloinvest” plant “Ural steel” that supplied raw materials to his project for production of seamless pipes of oil assortment. In early July it became known that after analysing the market, the parties decided to continue the independent development of its assets. The deal was estimated at 32 billion rubles. However, the occurrence of Andrey Komarov in the capital ZTZ does not mean his desire to stay in the pipe business. Market well-known examples of a quick exit from a joint business after their creation. For example, in 2014, Musa Bazhayev, and Eduard khudainatov established joint company “NNK-Aktiv”, which contributed all of its assets in the segments upstream and downstream. After a few months, Mr. Bazhaev has sold its stake, citing a desire to focus on projects of “Russian platinum”.Irina Elizarovskaya of Raiffeisenbank says that ZT�� was in search of extra capacity (orders they received, but existing capacity is not enough), and resource base or production of billets for over a year at least. “With the merger with CHTPZ ZTZ gets access to additional capacity, as well as to the production of billets. In the face of rising competition and lower demand, especially in the LDP, and as a consequence, reorientation of players with TBD on other assortments of pipes, CHTPZ as a result of consolidation benefits in the competition for enlarging and opportunities ZTZ in obtaining orders”,— the expert believes.Eugene Zainullin