Whether from the beach or from the hotel room: More and more large companies are allowing their employees to work temporarily from abroad. Merck and Continental are particularly generous, while VW and Mercedes-Benz still look poor.

Since April, employees at Bosch have been able to work outside of Germany for up to 54 days a year, according to a survey by the German Press Agency. At the pharmaceutical company Merck it is 60 days. The supplier Continental has allowed up to 40 days since the beginning of the year, while the software giant SAP has allowed 30 days. Both hope that this will make them more attractive as employers. Adidas makes 10 days possible.

Other large companies are currently exploring such opportunities, including automakers VW and Mercedes-Benz. The legal framework was still missing, which led to complex individual case studies and legal risks, according to Mercedes. Even at Deutsche Bank, mobile working is currently only possible in Germany – but the bank is monitoring ongoing legal developments.