Pinkydoll is still talking about her on social networks, and this time, it’s the complexion of her skin that is in question.

Pinkydoll – real name Fedha Sinon – is this Montrealer who made a name for herself this summer thanks to her live videos on TikTok. Impersonating a secondary video game character, she mechanically reacts to “gifts” users send her, earning thousands of dollars per session.

This instant popularity earned him an invitation to Los Angeles on August 27 to make an appearance at the Streamy Awards, a recognition ceremony for productions intended for the web.

His appearance on stage caused a lot of reaction from members of the African-American community. On TikTok, many were surprised by the complexion of his skin, darker on television than in his TikTok videos. Some suspected that, on TikTok, she uses a filter to lighten her skin, and were sorry, finding her naturally prettier. Others have put forward the sad hypothesis that, without a filter, she might not have been as successful.

Others, again, recalled that she plays a character resulting from artificial intelligence on TikTok and that she could well use a filter if it pleases her. Internet users have also pointed out that, on social networks, Pinkydoll already publishes photos of her natural.

Asked about the subject by TMZ, Pinkydoll claimed to get darker when she goes out in the sun. “I love being a black woman,” the 27-year-old concluded.