the commander of the crew of the Sukhoi Superjet 100, burned at Sheremetyevo year ago, Denis Evdokimov gave “” first interview after the incident. The pilot rejects the findings of the investigation, calling it the culprit of the crash.

“I will not back down, and for what it’s worth, what would be the risks for the fate of my family may create, will continue to strive to establish a true and accurate reason that contributed to the occurrence of tragic consequences,” — said in an interview Evdokimov.

According to the pilot, the entire year he thought about the dead and injured passengers and crew members. Evdokimov asked me, what was the participant of those events and expressed condolences to all for whom they became a personal tragedy.

In April, Russia’s Investigative Committee has finished investigation on the case on violation of safety rules of operation of air transport, entailed death of people. The only person involved is Denis Evdokimov. The investigation refuted the version of the fault plane.

the Pilot will be to trial under house arrest. Under article 263 of the criminal code to it threatens till seven years of imprisonment.

5 may 2019 at Sheremetyevo airport back off to Murmansk plane SSJ-100. The plane burned during landing. Killed 40 passengers and one crew member. All on Board were 78 people.