In Moscow, near Patriarch’s ponds, in the Indian restaurant “Moscow-Delhi”, opened the Safe Theatre. His art Director was Stephen Ochsner — actor, the soloist of group “СоусКеfаль”, and now the Director of the play “Carl and Clara”. The show was visited by Alla shenderova.Restaurant “Moscow-Delhi” is transformed into a theatrical Playground on Mondays, when the kitchen is resting. The audience is not so much to sit on the chairs and pillow, window open, all sanitary rules followed. Before the show you can drink spicy tea, he offers himself, Stephen Ochsner — American, chose Russia, the star of the show “Cheeky”, yet devoid of will star disease. A couple of years ago, he became the creative producer of the international project “Caravan”, which supports craft and folk architecture, satisfied with the art residence in the deserts and farms and going to participate in the Venice Biennale in 2021, where it will demonstrate ACOPOSmulti for their residences. Safe Theatre is also part of the “Caravan”.The premiere, “Carl and Clara” will play in Russian and English with corresponding subtitles. The play was written by Mitya Zolotov is a former assistant Dmitry Krymov and leader VIA “СоусКеfаль”.On a small pedestal near the window, facing the audience, talking Carl (Ilya Kiforenko) and Clara (Anna Ostapenko). They are given the Truth (another star “chick” — a young Daniel Smith). At the feet of the actors as poets in the ditch, sitting Mitya gold (guitar), Vladimir Matyunin (guitar) and Stephen Ochsner (mandolin). They play and sing writing gold.This is a very pleasant folk-rock, the text in the songs are witty and pretty easy — a postmodern mix of everything: “Be the most loyal dog and smart as you were loved…” But the dialogue of the characters seem wordy and viscous. Carl and Clara find out the relationship: it is, as you may recall, stole her corals (here, the coral of her lips, or simply drains her powers), and she in retaliation “pushed” to the clarinet. Lovers almost parted: Clara takes wing from his seat and turns on one of the tables in authentic interiors “Moscow-Delhi” it looks graceful. “The actions of Carl, I don’t have enough action,” complains Clara. In fact, it lacks drive.”Carl and Clara”, in fact, the new “Oxygen”, but without the crazy rhythm and drive inherent in the early Vyrypaeva, from which began what we call modern drama. “Carl and Clara” — “Oxygen” safe: no hysterical appeals to “remember our generation”, acid splashes, breaking, and even banal hangover. Yes, the creators of “Carl and Clara” just looking for the rhythm of dialogue. But in the play there’s someone who already found it: 12-year-old Daniel Smith, whose performance of every word, and indeed the entire text, acquires a mysterious spice. So “Carl and Clara” also, kato the once “Oxygen”, has all chances to grow in the manifest generation. Only generation Daniel Smith. But if it is to come to the theater with the same yardstick, to listen to the text and search for meaning — not the feeling, not flowing through the body’s grace from the music, atmosphere and good tea.Almost 20 years ago, the playwrights Elena Gremina and Mikhail Ugarov, has created Театр.doc with the motto “Theatre in which is not play.” Now there is a Safe Theatre. It is also in the usual sense do not play. This is a “horizontal” project — ‘re all doing together, and no pressure authority; it’s safe. If we consider security, the lack of aggression. And perhaps this is the main thing that distinguishes the new project from most others and from what is happening outside the window: it is absolutely not aggressive. To some it will seem boring, someone on the contrary. But there is not exactly steal the audience’s energy and no one to manipulate. Will Safe place Theatre where the art is born, turn in direction (like, say, Театр.doc), make before. But while the project is in every sense environmentally friendly. And because of it something could grow.