The aircraft manufacturer Pilatus from Stans NW pulls because of the business ban in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, not only in front of the Federal administrative court. President Oscar J. Schwenk (75) also solid against the foreign Minister, Ignazio Cassis (58).

he had denied the conversation, so pivotal in the “Switzerland on the weekend”. “I’ve been trying to find a solution. The Federal Council, Cassis did not want to but simply. He didn’t want to listen to us.”

The Department of foreign Affairs FDFA has not commented on the allegations at the request of a VIEW. It maintains, however, that the Department will stand for years in regular contact with Pilate.

Within 90 days

remove A further escalation in the dispute, which began ten days ago. At that time, under the EDA, said the Nidwalden company to support the Saudi armed forces and the sheikhs in the case of maintenance and spare part management of Pilatus aircraft and pilot training. This is because of the Support against the mercenary law of the movement, the security services abroad is prohibited if they do not contradict the foreign policy goals of Switzerland to resist. Saudi Arabia and the Emirates are involved in the Yemen war.

The EDA asked Pilate, for 90 days from the two Gulf States to withdraw. Pivot this fencing is now before the Federal administrative court. “I am ashamed that I have to complain against the state of their own,” he says. However, the decision of Cassis was an “Affront”.

“I’m no king”

If the court supports the EDA and not to Pilate, will you relocate the military business abroad, or sell, threatening to pivot more. Jobs in Switzerland – he speaks of about 1000 – were lost.

The fear of the Federal Council has on Friday in Stans to feel: Instead of applause, the provincial government has been received on your Schulreisli of posters. Nidwalden demonstrated against the Federal Council’s decision.

Cassis emphasized in Stans, that it is not the intention of the Federal Council to weaken Pilate. But: “The ban is the result of the interpretation of the laws. And a law must be applied, even if it can stand with other provisions in contradiction.” Brought a Nidwalder he said: “I am not a king and can’t change laws.”