announced in Stans NW-based aircraft manufacturer, on Thursday, revenues increased from $ 0.99 billion to 1.09 billion Swiss francs. The operating profit amounted to 157 million Swiss francs in the previous year, it amounted to 135 million francs.

After a receipt of the order of a billion of the current order intake was 2.1 billion Swiss francs. “The nearly two-year sales,” says Pilate. Chairman Oscar Schwenk: “We are working consistently to our success and our future.”

18 new Super-Jets delivered

Overall, Pilate delivered 128 aircraft to customers: 80 PC-12 NG, 27 PC-21, three PC-6 and 18 PC-24. The delivery of the first PC-24 in February 2018 Pilate referred to as a “milestone” in the eleven years of development work. The Federal Council also received a Jet.

in 2018, could conclude Pilate a new Trainer fleet of the contract. This is very troubling, but only conditionally, it means more. Pilate work in advance, and have driven the sales efforts in this Segment.

The Pilatus group employed by the end of 2018 2283 staff. Of these, 93 percent work in Switzerland. A total of over 150 jobs have been established. “Thanks to the in financial terms successful year, our employees benefit, because we let them to our company’s success. You have, in addition to 13-month wages, a Bonus of 1.5 Salaries,” says swing on Thursday.

At the headquarters in Stans, the construction of the new Structure is progressing-construction hall quickly: Already in the spring of 2019, the new competence center is put into operation – a clear commitment to the local plant place, it is called. Pivot adds: “Our next challenge is the Opening up of The PC-24 order book, which is imminent.” (SDA)