The Pilatus Flugzeugwerke now accept re-orders for the new Business Jet PC-24. This had been delivered in the past year, for the first Time.

2014 was sold to Pilate within one and a half days, 84 pieces of the aircraft, the base price is reported to the 10.7 million US dollars. The order book was closed – until the first positive reviews of operators would be available.

From now on, would re-took orders, informed Pilate now today, Monday morning. Late deliveries in the year 2020 and in 2021, could now be secured.

pivot: “demand is phenomenal,”

Since February, 2018 to date, the 30 “PC’s were delivered-24 Super Versatile Jet”. The entire fleet is now flown over 5,000 hours of safe, the company said.

“The demand for the PC-24 is phenomenal”, was Chairman of the Board Oscar pivot in the message quote. The large demand associated with the feedback confirmed the strategy, which will be followed with the PC-24.

In the current year Pilatus is planning some 40 more PC-24 can deliver. 2020 the production is expected to rise to 50 aircraft. (SDA)