My children to remain stiff and firm, you would have seen in our garden a Hummingbird. You are not alone in this. The hummingbirds, along with the black Panthers, the Aliens of Zoology. Again and again people claim in Europe, to have hummingbirds spotted, although these only occur on the American continent. It will be in the rarest case, to ausgebüxte birds kept in zoos, but in all probability an insect. And although the pigeon’s tail. A moth from the family of owls that is diurnal – and a pretty spectacular appearance.

you do not even fly backwards

Because of its unusual span of up to seven centimeters, his massive body, his proboscis, and especially his influence on me in flight it are children, which confuse the pigeon-tail with the delicate birds. Like hummingbirds, the tags zip to flowering chwärmer of the flower, where the nectar to suck. As some of the few species of butterfly can you fly backwards. And they are excellent flight artist: The proboscis, they are already rolling in the approach, in order to lead him unerringly into the Cup. The bloom moves around due to Wind, move with you and keep your Position on the flowering constant. In her whirling flight, the wings beat up to 90 Times a second, the flight speed is up to 80 kilometres an hour!

111 litres of soft drinks

also Impressive is the distances, which are put back by the Migrant are. 2000 to 3000 kilometers in two weeks, you can cope with. You cross here, even Alpine passes. Often, the pigeons walking tail from the Mediterranean to the us, wintering in more and greater numbers North of the Alps – a phenomenon of warming of the climate. On their migration North, they partially penetrate to Iceland. There are three phases in which the Butterflies occur more frequently: at the end of June, mid-July, and in August/September. It is currently worthwhile so, to keep my eyes open.

also Impressive is the amount of nectar, which takes the pigeon-tail daily to about 0.5 milliliters, by the way. This corresponds to about 111 litres of soft drinks, I would pour every day into me.

Simon Jäggi (39) is a boy singer of the rock band the sorrow, works at the natural history Museum of Bern and keeps chickens. He writes every second Friday of the VIEWS.