Pictures of a fight mice for food was the best the wildlife

natural history Museum London every year holds a competition of the best shots of wildlife. The results were summarized in October 2019. Now it is the turn of the nomination “people’s Choice”, in which a vote of regular members. Favorite was the picture, which depicted the struggle of two mice for food.

the author of the amazing photography was Sam Rowley. According to him, during the week every night he spent time on several subway platforms, hoping to capture the perfect moment. Fight rodents that got on the shot, lasted a fraction of a second before one of the mice was the winner. Sam Rowley has said that his picture shows people unexpected drama in familiar urban environment, reports PetaPixel.

Previously, the Grand Prix of the contest Wildlife Photographer of the Year was awarded to photographer-animal painter from China Yongqing Bao. His picture shows a meeting marmot and Tibetan foxes. The work is called “Moment”. It is made in just a few seconds before the death of the Groundhog.