An image band is a bit of a virtual trip. From the Sofa in the different countries, in wild landscapes and rare animals and plants. Wanderlust is guaranteed! Pictures presents eight volumes – to Give as a gift or self-Gift.

“Germany, your forests”

Kilian Schönberger is one of the most famous landscape photographers in Germany and the enchanted, mystical landscapes are his passion. Now his new band is published in the he Say and fairy tale photographic implements. Anyone who sees the magical images, feels in the world of bewitched mills, enchanted castles, evil predators and petrified young women was added.

The nature in Germany is wilder than photo: frederking & Thaler

Kilian schönberger: “Germany, your forests”, frederking & Thaler, 192 pages with 200 photos, 39,99 Euro.

“Atlas of the desire to travel to Italy”

Of Pasta on the coffee thought on Italian style, and charming villages to palaces, museums, and road trips to the lush Band that will delight not only Italy Fans enough. It is a travel book with lots of information to be conveyed in a nutshell, time with longer texts.

A lush Band full of Italy-experiences photo: Dumont, Dumont

Not only Familiar, but also secret tips are, and as good as no topic is left out.

“Atlas of the desire to travel Italy”, Dumont, 359 pages with many photos, $ 34.95