Photos youngest billionaire in the world without makeup and shoes struck fans

the youngest billionaire in the world, the businesswoman Kylie Jenner went outside barefoot without makeup and impressed the fans. Her photographs published edition of the Daily Mail.

On a hosted web frames 22-year-old celebrity goes to the car with no shoes, a bag of chips in his hands. Jenner captured collected into a bundle of hair in sports outfit brand Amiri, painted according to the technology of tie-dye.

Fans didn’t recognize the celebrity and made fun of her appearance in the comments. “Can’t be, that’s it!!” — exclaimed one. “She looks not like on their fake photos. Besides to go out against the rules is selfish,” said the second. “Here we saw the magic of makeup,” said the third. “Bare legs… fuuuuu!” — concluded the past.

In April, Kylie Jenner has justified its fullness in the dispute with the fans of the birth of a child. In the Internet appeared the video of the billionaire three years ago, where she is photographed with fans in a tight short dress. Users began to speak about the figure of Jenner, noting that she’s seen better days. She drew attention to the discussion of her appearance and wrote that “actually became a mother.”