a Brazilian model and actress Valentina Sampaio, which is an open transgender, was photographed Topless for the fashion magazine Vogue in support of the LGBT community of his country. Photo published in Instagram account of 23-year-old celebrity.

posted on a social network picture Sampaio posing without a bra, sitting on the swing in short denim shorts. The star depicted on the background of palm trees, far seen the ocean.

In an interview collaborated with many world brands model complained about the infringement of the rights of sexual minorities in Brazil and stressed that in her home country transgender people rarely have a public work.

“media say about us during Pride Month (month of the rights of the LGBT community – Approx. “MK”), but they do not allow us to tell about ourselves”, said Sampaio.

Publish from Valentina Sampaio (@valentts) 27 2020 Jun 9:14 PDT

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