“not Just!”, Peter Klaunzer (51) calls, as it is revealed to him, would make him a Pete Souza (64) Switzerland. No, no, no – the personal photographer of Ex-US President Barack Obama (57) he had nothing in common, says the Liechtensteiner.

Well, a little bit. Because Klaunzer is the first – and perhaps only – President of the Swiss photographer. In the last year he has accompanied the Federal President, Alain Berset (46, SP), on all trips, but also in the Bundesrat everyday life. Now a book about the presidential year. In Bern, there will be an exhibition. Previously Klaunzer is a VIEW exclusive insights.

We at Keystone SDA have been played for years with the thought. While President photographers in other countries are normal, is missing in Switzerland, the behind-the-Scenes. We only have the official press dates. Of course, it needs to be on the other side, the willingness to do so. And in the case of Alain Berset, we saw an opportunity.

vanity has played no role. Alain Berset is interested in photography. And he gives life to like an insight into the Federal Council, he is on Instagram very active.

a bit of vanity is as …
no, I don’t really believe that. Clearly, the individual images have triggered a positive response, such as where he sits in New York on the sidewalk.

He was thrilled. We then made a day of testing, so he could see how I work. And this has worked well, so I still had on the same day a Okay – under certain conditions.

Actually, only two. Firstly, His children will not be photographed. Secondly, If I photograph in areas where the press would not otherwise have access – in his office, in the Bundesrat plane, in the Hotel – he has a right of veto, whether the image is allowed to be published or not. For me, that was fine, because it meant that I could take pictures of everything, without asking.

how many the images were censored?
Not a single one.

it has impressed Me, as the core team to Berset work around. It is like an extremely well-oiled machine. It’s the way it is: Only the trips that are to the Minute timed. A program for three days once and for all 20 pages. This is madness. Since it needs accurate votes.

This is deceptive. The private Alain Berset, I don’t know. Clearly the opportunity for a little Small Talk here and there. But otherwise, I was not so close. We siezen us. It takes a certain distance to be objective.

Open, sociable. He walks up to people. The people in the refugee camps noted that we visited. He wanted to be informed not only of officials. He wanted to go in the tents and huts, and the refugees themselves talk. This has sometimes led to heated discussions with the Security, such as in the case of the Rohingyas in Bangladesh. What I have noticed otherwise: Berset has always headphones. If he has to concentrate, if he needs a Moment for themselves – headphones in, music on, and dive in.

“cleaning the devil crazy,” became he never. I had expected that he throws me some time to get out. If you are getting a so near, the but nerves. But no, not a single Time.

I have my own set of rules. I photograph never someone who eats.

Yes, unfortunately. When we were in New York, he had an important appointment. We were in a traffic jam, and we knew: This is no longer enough. As I see from the van behind his car, such as Berset rises from the front of the sedan and begins to race. I just thought: no! I got my stuff snatched, and I am behind gsecklet – free. It is a giant would have been a picture! Alain Berset is running through New York! In this Situation, he was already a bit hässig. But also because: He lets out a short steam, draws a line under the Trouble and restarts.

Several. On the one hand, the security apparatus of the Trump-at the WEF in Davos. It was insane – so many Security people at once, I’ve never seen. Or as Berset continued on his journey to the Olympic games in a Jazz Club in Rostov spontaneously to the Piano. But as we lined in Bangladesh arrived, and meters great pictures of him on the streets all over the city. “Long live his Excellency, Mr Alain Berset, President of Switzerland!” – This is widely used in Germany, rather less so.

The native of Liechtenstein Peter Klaunzer (51) has been working since 2006 for the photo Agency Keystone SDA, currently it is firmly accredited Federal in-house photographer. In addition to the Federal councils, he photographed everything from demonstrations to play hockey.

book: Peter Klaunzer, the Federal President, Alain Berset, Stämpfli Verlag. The pictures of Peter Klaunzer are also from 1. To see February in the Kornhausforum Bern.