The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky published in Facebook photos dedicated to the Day of embroidery, which is celebrated on 21 may. In the picture Zelensky and his wife Elena captured in traditional embroidered shirts.


According to “Moskovsky Komsomolets”, the President and first lady chose designer shirts, each of which is worth not less than $ 300 (about 21.5 thousand).

Ukrainians have sent the authorities away due to low wages

This angered Internet users.

“the people the bread is nothing to buy, and he celebrates vyshyvanka” – protested Jelena Jankovic (spelling and punctuation authors hereinafter saved).

“I wonder the poor salary of 5000 UAH. Be celebrated day shirts?” – asked Dmitry Nepomnyashi.

“in the year’s the face was corroded twice!!!! All promises are just words,would be better if his show was doing,” said Elena Rykova.

“And there’s day bikini? Will be interesting to see Vova in a Thong. Why this circus? Well this is probably a half day on the left,” wrote Denis Markov.

“And what she doesn’t know how to look Vyshivanki or she vesavata? Wear dresses with applique and proud ? What region this embroidery ? How can you shame ?” – said Yuliya Alexandrovna.

I wrote “the Rambler”, the couple Zelensky sent the shirts world leaders, including US President Donald Trump, Chairman of the France Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.