Photos of the triple Olympic champion Alexander Karelin scared of foreigners. Picture posted in Instagram commentator Joe Rogan.

Rogan published archival photos Karelin during the match, where the athlete looked tense. “Photo of the great Russian wrestler Karelin as a reminder to myself not to be such an incredible wimp” — signed post commenter.

Other users have noticed the expression and strength of the athlete. “He looks like he could beat the truth out of any politician”, “Wow, he’s like a God among mortals”, “I can’t believe you can be in this form without the steroids,” they wrote.

Karelin won three Olympic gold in Greco-Roman wrestling and one time silver. The assets of the athlete also nine world Championships and 12 at the Championships of Europe.

29 Jun foreign network users struck by the photo of a Soviet Olympic medalist in water Polo Pyotr Mshvenieradze. They were surprised by the size and the abundant vegetation on the body of the athlete.