Karaoke has allowed a huge number of people to feel like stars, but not all fans of vocal singing and drinking know that the voice you need to follow and train correctly. Since the vocal cords are quite vulnerable and instead of singing will appear hoarse wheezing.

“Male voice more chest, their maximum development they receive at the age of 40-50 years. Rarely among the strong half of mankind meet the person who can own and also a female range. The female voice is higher and plastic,” writes

Specialist phoniatr helps to avoid serious problems with the voice. Only he can conduct a full examination of the main body of the singer and you choose the right treatment without risk to the vocal cords. However if you follow the measures of prevention, then treatment is not required.

In the cold season should not be talking on the street. It is important to avoid hypothermia cords and prevent hoarseness. To minimize the risk of colds. Long walks in cold, wet weather, stay in damp rooms, neglect of the first symptoms of a cold will lead to disastrous consequences.

by the Way, you should not raise your voice and whisper, by the way, also not recommended is putting a strain on the vocal cords. It is necessary to work in a well ventilated area with an optimal humidity. In addition, it is necessary to arrange fasting days – that is days of rest and relaxation.

finally, if the voice is hoarse, and traditional methods of treatment do not help – contact your doctor and strictly follow his recommendations.