The Multimedia After a year or two and have a lot of smartphones, the best of their time.However, replacement is not always necessary. Negentipsvoor to have a longer life.

this Past summer, there seemed to be no problem. On vacation, checked in with the weather report on your phone, which is the whole of the night and had a lie down to recharge it. in the Afternoon, be on trip advisor to which is the ice cream shop, you had to be helped out of Google Maps to take you through the winding streets of this picturesque town. When the noise of the dinner brought up, it was still a solid 57 percent of the battery content. It was selfie after selfie. After the sun sets with a glass of wine in hand, talking by phone with your mother…. It was a beautiful day, and the phone was 30 per cent is still well out of the danger zone.

See also the 5G revolution, and yes, you will get a new smartphone to buy the,

this rugged voorjaarsmaanden is that the light-heartedness gone. “I’m Sorry mom, I only have about 5% battery, saying you’re in a hurry and if your mother’s calling. You will need to go to an important meeting in Antwerp, that the navigation of your low phone. No explanation to hang up.

It’s a familiar feeling: that of a devoted but declining the telephone, that is, at the end of his rope it seems. We will be doing so for at least two or three years to come up with mobile phones, appeared to be more likely to come from research of the Dutch voorlichtingsorganisatie the Environment. After that, he disappears into a drawer, and begins searching for a new model. But what if you don’t have a new phone? If you are attached to it, like how it’s always worked before, and if you don’t want to spend money on a more expensive unit, or it would be a shame for the environment?

We called in three experts to first-aid tips to your smart phone. “If you have it all clear and re-set it, it is as if he is on a retreat here.”
Tip # 1. Battery replacement: use

After two years of work, the phone often just to get their peak performance to get, say, Job Hoogendam, the manager of the repair shop ThePhoneLab in Amsterdam, the netherlands. “The battery is worn out. Apps and games that have a lot of energy, you can make sure it doesn’t fall out suddenly. The manufacturers make the phones slower, so they don’t fall out due to energiepieken.That slowness can be annoying.”

The solution, according to Hoogendam a lot simpler than most people think: get a battery replaced at a repair shop. “It takes, on average, between 40 and 50. Then do it again in two years.” Samsung, and Huawei to deliver the official battery of reparatiezaken. Applewinkels to do it yourself, then that is the price for the new models will be € 75 and older 55 to the euro. Reparatiezaken to sell the non-official batteries for the iphone, which, according to Hoogendam, “sometimes from the same factory”.
Tip # 2. Otherwise, charge

According to Mariken, Stolk of the Environment can be much longer than the two years your battery will do, provided that you properly charge it. “I don’t get a fixer wants you to take your battery after two years, it was designed to replace. He has earned the money with this.” Mr. Stolk will give an invention that, according to her, four or five years with a single battery to do it: keep your battery between 40 and 80 percent of the time. “Not going to sleep in the drawer, put, in other words.”

a Lot of people think it is your phone, let it drain and than charge, ” says Stolk. “This review is only for the previous battery. The current batteries become overloaded from it.” A lot of the new phones are not really as they say they are 100 percent in charge, in order to protect the battery.