Basketclub, Phoenix, Brussels seems to be in the coming season, then certainly in the EuroMillions draw Basketball League, will take office. The club has a strong record, and I’m still waiting for the final approval of the Belgian league.

“It has been confirmed: after the first red light, the orange are gone, it will be highlighted in green to make this journey in the first of the class to continue”, so it sounds like it’s in a clubmededeling.

at the End of January, it fell, however, to hear that the club withdrew from the top league, then, of its own volition, wanted to relegate it to the Top of Division One due to financial issues. Apparently, the club is now, in spite of the difficult times, and that the necessary funds will be found. In addition, the club is also in aid of the city of Brussels, belgium. “Our major sponsors and the local authority have had their support to be confirmed, so that the budget for the coming season in the balance. On the other hand, we didn’t have to cut back in our spelerscollectief. It is, therefore, sure to be a year of transition.”

Brussels has made previously to the departure of Aleksander Lichodzijewski (Kortrijk) and the duo of James Foerts/Domien Loubry (Mechelen) is known. Also, the U.s. players from last season have moved to other places, so there are only two players left, are: William Robeyns, and John Foerts. They have to get gain of a Louis Hazard (Ypres), and the man, BY Raymond, who came over from Germany.