The British Smatphone-Bank Revolut, is currently causing nervousness in their customers. Trigger a fraud case, the “Tages-Anzeiger” made on Wednesday the public was. A Swiss customer of the Digital-to-Bank was stolen within minutes, the enormous sum of 30’000 Swiss francs. Apparently, managed to cyber-criminal to gain access to his Revolut Account.

Then GLANCE-readers who have experienced something Similar to make themselves known. Therefore, hackers have been trying for months with Phishing attacks, the plunder of the accounts of the Revolut-the customer. “I received a few days ago, a surprisingly good fake SMS from Revolut,” writes an eye-reader. He was asked to confirm his account with Revolut with phone number and Pin Code. But the VIEW-reader smelled the Roast. With a click on the Link, he would have opened the hackers door and gate to his Savings.

Deceptively real address

the same image for other readers: they, Too, received a fake SMS from the Revolut – almost no one in but fell on it. Not so Enrico Paganini*. He was a victim of the Phishing attack. “I got the same SMS channel, where me Revolut also sent to the six-digit access code, a SMS with the request that I should verify my account with Revolut,” says Paganini.

The Internet address of the Revolut in the message looked, according to Paganini deceptively real. Just a small point under the name of the Smartphone-the Bank have differed from the original address. “Not realizing I clicked on the Revolut-Link and me with my Code verified,” says Paganini. The result is that hackers gained access to the Bank account of the VIEWS of the reader.

it was on 2. July. On 5. In July, he received a message from the Revolut with the question of whether he, Paganini, had made in just a day over three transactions. Apparently, an Unknown person had at the 5. July, in several tranches thousands of Swiss francs skimmed. Paganini told Revolut, that he might have become the victim of a Phishing attack. Then a lengthy and difficult communication with the Bank began.

no one is in charge

The money Paganini still has. “For weeks I chat almost daily with Revolut,” says Paganini. Happened nothing. In the meantime, Paganini stood, according to their own information, with over a dozen Revolut employees.

“Because you can only chat in writing with the Bank, everything goes much slower,” criticizes the VIEWS of the reader. “You have to apologize and directs me to the responsible Team.” However, nothing is done.

Paganini himself says that he had been, until recently, “fully thrilled” by Revolut. “In the meantime, my confidence has fallen to the zero point.”

* the Name has been changed