thanks to Dyson, are the vacuum cleaner suddenly Lifestyle products. If the Top model as of the V11 comes on the market, it will be issued as a new Smartphone, and advertised. And state of the art technology, let the buyer costs a little. So the V11 costs, depending on the Version 600 to 700 francs.

As you get to be skeptical when Philips brings with the SpeedPro is a sucker-novelty on the market, which acts as a copy, but at will cost only 350 francs. Like a cheap copy of the vacuum cleaner also works, because he has in concept and appearance a lot of Similarities.

Philips is following the Dyson-Trend and builds a large hand vacuum cleaner with battery operation and a long nozzle, to replace a normal vacuum cleaner full. An eye-catching Design with lots of transparent elements and a large drum for the Motor and the dust container comes. The SpeedPro looks like a laser gun from a Science Fiction movie.

The Philips SpeedPro has LED lights in the brush

Take the Philips but in operation, you will notice quickly the differences. Dyson has a brush roller in the offer, but when cleaning the primary to a strong suction force. The SpeedPro is more like a vacuum cleaner-the robot and combined with a fast rotating roller with sharp brushes with a lower suction force.

The cleaning result is convincing in both versions. The Philips has the advantage that it can eyes less fixed – so you can clean easier, small rugs, or other loose surfaces. Even over a leather sofa, you can travel with the nozzle easily, without the SpeedPro sucks permanently fixed.

brand new Philips LED nozzle lights at the great suction. Because you scare when you first Turn on the same time. Because they are permanently lit, as soon as the electric motor is started. You go at it with the Brush, you quickly realize that good light on the ground makes sense. So carefully you have seen that in the period before, where you have to clean. And how dirty the apartment is effectively.

Especially useful in dark corners or under the Sofa. And all of a sudden, one regrets that it is not in the second, narrow nozzle, and the tube LEDs light up. You might need a good, when you suck corners or narrow spaces in between.

Easy to carry

dumping, tedious The SpeedPro concept, but it also has disadvantages. Some are basically in all vacuum cleaners in the Dyson-style the same. So, one carries around when vacuuming is 2.5 kilograms, which is quite nice in the arms. After all, the Philips is 0.5 pounds lighter than the Dyson. Tedious also the large cylinder is, in some situations, up – with Motor, battery and dust bin. For example, if you want to use pieces of furniture to suck and the Giants is always something in the way.

it is Great that you have to replace a dust bag, but the dirt in the bucket can tilt and the tank and the Filter only needs to be washed. This principle makes it easier, by the way, erroneously sucked-in small parts again.

In what areas is almost twice as expensive Dyson offers more? In the case of the suction force, in any case, what you do not realize but in everyday life. Important is the difference at the time. Philips 40 minutes, Dyson offers up to 60 minutes. The cheap model, so it is difficult to suck in a medium-sized 4-room apartment in a slip.

otherwise Dyson offers, in some areas, and more. About more different nozzles. Or to optimize more Sensors and technology to control the suction power or to the battery consumption.

Even if Dyson offers more, scores of the Philips SpeedPro with the price – performance ratio. For the average user the cheaper Alternative is certainly enough good and provides with light and strong rotating brush exciting Extras. But who wants to really save money, you find a similar clean solutions for 150 francs. Just in the conventional Design of cable and hose.