switching On through the App the light. Automatically light moods adjust, and even own lamps with the Smart-Home pair, so about the lighting, as soon as you come home. Or the light is dimmed, if you turn on the TV.

all of That Philips Hue has mastered perfectly. The bulb and lamp System is therefore, for many years the market leader in this field, also because Hue is with many other manufacturers, such as Apple’s Homekit, Amazon, Alexa or Google Assistant.

However, Because the smart light-emitting body to build a private link network, it needed to be, as yet, necessarily, a Central switching office, called a Bridge. The cost is around 60 francs in addition. A starter set with three colored bulbs cost so a minimum of 180 francs, one with three white round 100 francs.

This Philips Hue was worth it, not for those who only want to control one or two lights with the Smartphone. The has also noticed the competition, and many products with direct control launched. Single colorful bulb with remote control is there already for around 10 Swiss francs in the trade. Bulb with App control Smartphone costs around 30 francs.

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buy and immediately without any Bridge Now also use the Philips Hue to this area. But not with a new System, but the old one is removed. All incandescent bulbs can not be integrated into the usual Hue System with Bridge, but also directly via Bluetooth to control.

You can buy a Philips Hue White for 25 francs, and with the Smartphone on / off and dimming. All bulbs with E27 and GU10 socket are newly equipped. The good news: prices are in spite of additional function the same as before.

in addition there is a separate App, which leads one easily through the setup process. In the first Test, it actually took only a few minutes, the first bulb was in operation.

Up to ten bulbs by Bluetooth control. Of course, they must all be in range, usually in a room. You can group several bulbs, light preset, and each light source in all the Details set.

Even voice control via Amazon Alexa is possible, Google Home is soon to follow as an Update. A perfect base system which is quickly and easily adjustable, and much cheaper.

Who wants to more, you don’t have to throw away bulbs

a Growing desire for a more comprehensive lighting control system, it is not necessary to throw away the Bluetooth bulb. Just buy a Bridge and you can integrate all of the lights like the Hue System.

However, you have to use a different App and also decide. Bluetooth and Bridge System, you should not use parallel.

bear in mind, it can control up to 50 light sources in the entire house. And about the App over the Internet from anywhere. In addition, a manual switch or a motion detector can be integrated as well as the whole of the Hue bulb system.