The world exhibition in Dubai is located in the distance. However, fire is already in the attic. The Foreign office (EDA) made a tobacco-group to the main sponsor, attracted criticism. The debacle could have been prevented. The EDA has internal guidelines on how sponsors are to be selected. The check-list of presence Switzerland even warns explicitly against the negative headlines, writes the “daily Gazette”.

The tricky point: The sponsors-rules were clearly violated. Because Switzerland is well aware of the negative impact coat-of-arms lines about sponsors on the Image of the Switzerland border. Negative image transfer means of this risk in the documents. Therefore, there is the risk analysis for sponsors. If a point is answered on the checklist with Yes, this is a shot across the bow. The Sponsor is allowed to remain. In the case of two or more positive responses, presence Switzerland should pursue the partnership further. If you had followed the check list, it would be Philip Morris never came as the Sponsor in question.

Federal on the side of the tobacco Multinationals

that’s not enough: As the controversial sponsorship came to light, has beaten the EDA on the side of the Tobacco company. Philip Morris would only apply to a product that as an Alternative to the traditional cigarette serve, it was called by the Foreign office. Thus, the EDA has taken over uncritically the marketing language of the group – a Coup for Philip Morris. But it is far from certain that these products are healthier (EYES reported).

Federal councillor Ignazio Cassis has to take some responsibility. He and the head of presence Switzerland, Nicolas Bideau, have in this matter, the last word. Last Cassis has claimed that the Dossier had never wandered over to his Desk, as AZ media reports. This statement came days after a Swiss health experts addressed an open letter to the Federal Council of Cassis.

steps in the direction of improvement

After all: the guidelines for the EDA to be outside the network in the Revision. In the future, the contracts of the EDA with a special clause will be added. Thus, Switzerland may withdraw from contracts, if the interests of Switzerland or the Reputation of the country will be harmed. (nwa)

Nearly 15 million Swiss francs, Switzerland is the appearance at the world exhibition in Dubai cost. With such public actions and exhibitions are to be followed to “gentle way,” the interests of the country. The competent authority “of presence Switzerland proclaimed” under the auspices of the Federal foreign office.

the aim of presence Switzerland is to create in the “international sympathy”. Also as a business location, Switzerland is applying the authority. The head of the former head of the Film section in the Federal office of culture Nicolas Bideau (50).

The regular annual budget of presence Switzerland is just under nine million francs. For Dubai Extra-Moneybox exists but apparently. The half comes from the Federal government. The Rest of third parties such as Philip Morris, Schindler, Novartis, Nestlé and Clariant.

In the Swiss pavilion are expected to use it daily for over 15’000 visitors. Switzerland does not want to present but only in the world, but also the host country. Because the United Arab Emirates is the main trading partner of Switzerland in the Middle East. Noé Waldmann