I am a good customer of Philip Morris. I used to smoke ordinary cigarettes, I am now on Iqos. Those are the hopefully less harmful E-cigarettes to be advertised in the Swiss Expo pavilion in Dubai. As a private person, I have God knows nothing against my tobacco supplier.

As a citizen, but I have a massive Problem, if the authorities of the group sponsor. The Problem does not lies with the private companies, which must, of course, pursue his interests. It is up to the Federal Council, of the not know what are the interests of the country.

It is more than naive

How insensitive you can be to close such a Deal? My how naive the fly not as an Image Disaster for the ears?

lack of experience would be to cope with. Unfortunately, there’s more behind it. It is the increasing moral depravity of the Federal Council. He has positioned the Switzerland lately, getting closer and closer to the place where critics see you for a long time: in the grubby corner. Switzerland as a Fumoir, the hypocritical profiteers, who hold their values in a flexible, as soon as a business is to make.

weapons exports, Saudi-knee

Switzerland is the guardian of the Geneva conventions, the humanitarian Tradition belongs to the self-image – but only massive pressure could prevent the Federal Council of the arms export ban for civil war countries to repeal.

ICRC founder Henri Dunant is presented at every opportunity as one of the largest Swiss – but we had to normalize after the bestial murder of critics of the regime, Jamal Kashoggi, the lucrative relations to the injustice of Saudis, were we in the front.

the creation of value instead of values

And now: the UN-city of Geneva from fought the world health organization, the abuse of Tobacco, and the Swiss from the biggest tobacco multi the world your self-presentation pavilion co-Finance. The Sponsor may be detained in return, so is it expressly, his or her Image with that of the official Switzerland polishing.

the Image of the official Switzerland? Someone else pays for it, something that happens to you. But if the government is sacrificing our values, the value-added: then you can smoke the reputation of the country.