Since its goodbye to FCK have Nicklas Bendtner remained more or less silent.

Not only for the press and the outside world, but also at home, tells her boyfriend Philine Roepstorff in the third section of the DPlay-series ‘Bendtner and Philine’.

“I think it has done more hurt at Nicklas, than he admits and says. But I don’t think it is, because he plays opposite me, or the others, who are close to him. I think it is for him,” she says and continues:

“I think he put a lid on it all, and then he takes it out at some little stupid thing. Of course, it is also a way to move ahead. But there is just always some other pay, if you do not take responsibility for the way you have it.”

In the programme, he sets even a bit of words to his parting with the team.

“For them it’s just another player, they say goodbye to, just as it is in all other football clubs. They are not aware that it can mean more to me and exactly the situation I stand in.”

Nicklas Bendtner was presented as the FCK-player at the beginning of september, where the announcement was that he would be on a contract for the rest of 2019. A contract, therefore, was not extended.

You can get quite close to the footballer and his girlfriend in the ‘Bendtner and Philine’ on Dplay. There comes a new section every Thursday.