Philharmonic orchestra of Tatarstan was presented in Moscow

a difficult Room acoustically, and even concert versions of operas at the Mariinsky theatre was here, to put it mildly, different. Besides the most meticulous audiophiles Moscow not forgotten version of the Flying Dutchman Bolshoi theatre, performed with gusto by the flagship back in 2013, staged by Peter Konvichny with Vasily Sinaisky at the console. So the Tatarstan orchestra was on the exam and was preparing to take a punch. Handled adequately and with Opera, and with their own nerves (the Moscow debut, he rolled the “Dutchman” in Chelyabinsk and Kazan). Thrust control Sladkovsky gave the orchestra a chance to warm up, and the note text immediately poured intently, tightly, without unnecessary sighs. The brass in the Overture was characterized by a strong stroke of the – “Russian Wagner” this group of tools is generally considered a weak link, and then the conductor marked Forte and edits extra sicnosti. Yes, and harmonious string sound, instantly broke the room breathing, making a romantic drama of Wagner, a favorite for picture of the raging elements, and genre scenes, poured a powerful stream.

Photo: Eugene Novozenina/RIA Novosti Virtual concert program of the House of music will open the “Moscow Virtuosi”

In a concert version during the automatic attention of the audience to the musical side of things becomes important acting of the soloists. Immediately endeared correct technically and acting captain Daland (Dmitry Skorikov), touching in the paternal care Senta. Steering (Kirill Matveev) have concocted a “normal man” with the fear of mystery and the ability to stand up under any storm. Ex-fiance Eric (Artem Safronov) seemed to “land” tenor loser in the baritone-bass nautical environment. Senta, the soloist Mamta Natalia Muradymova, begins as a dreamy daughter of a domineering mother (striking Solistki Great began Segenyuk), went to bat in the fanatic Valkyrie, finished in any act to go through. But dominated in the team of soloists flying Dutchman – albert Domain. Luck casting: he looked sea wolf and the same age as the Captain rather than the beloved Saint, why the story sounded sharper and more dramatic.

photo: Photo courtesy of the press service of MKZ Daria Moroz and Ivan Rudin made in the empty hall of the “Zaryadye”

Professional level was read in the nuances, phrasing, proper emphasis, outstanding in the singer world star Wagnerian repertoire, delighting the theatres of Germany, as well as the Salzburg and Bayreuth. He definitely has developed a loyal relationship with the conductor, who supported the Ranger in difficult moments. The last hero became and the Academic Grand choir “Masters of choral singing” that strengthened the impression jauntily “Helmsman! With the watch face down!” and full of fear ending.

With all the difficulties of the genre of concert Opera “the flying Dutchman” turned out solid and powerful. Twilight Wagnerian romanticism suddenly superimposed on temperament conducted by Alexander Sladkovsky orchestra, forceful crescendo rushing hall the horror of the curse and force able to overcome him with love.