Pop Superstar Phil Collins (68) is in a wheelchair from the airport Zurich-Kloten hazards. The legendary singer who has sold during his decades-long career, more than 250 million albums, the evening will be a concert in the Letzigrund stadium.

Collins is already on foot for years, good to. But the voice is still full, he said a few weeks ago in conversation with a VIEW: “you sound like with 28, that’s a promise.” He was looking forward huge on the Show, “Switzerland was always Aden good to me,” the ball-king, lived for 20 years on lake Geneva and a Swiss woman.

The “Against All Odds”-Star is rare in Switzerland, but I have still a home in Féchy VD. “I have a dog. The housekeeper takes care of him. I love Switzerland very much. I miss the four seasons and the views of the lake,” said Collins, who lives in Florida (USA).