His Hits are all familiar with! Phil Collins (68) has sold over 250 million albums, made but especially with his private life caused a sensation. Now he is on a Comeback concert at the Letzigrund in Zurich. He was looking forward huge, “Switzerland has always been good to me,” says of the ballads-king, lived for 20 years on lake Geneva and a Swiss woman. For the Interview, with the VIEWS he reports from his new home in Florida. “Hello, this is Phil Collins,” he murmurs into the phone.

Phil Collins: Gorgeous, as always. What is with the time a bit boring. Florida is not my favorite place. Nevertheless, life is okay. The main thing, the family is all around me.

Yes. Even if I’m hardly there anymore, I keep my house in Féchy VD. I have a dog. The housekeeper takes care of him. I love Switzerland very much. I miss the four seasons and the views of lake Geneva.

Collins pulled the mid-90s, in the Canton of Vaud. In 1999, he married the Genevan OrianneCevey, and the Couple had two sons: Nicolas and Matthew. In 2008, they decide to divorce – he paid her the then-record total of 51 million Swiss francs. Orianne moved to Florida, Phil remained on the lake of Geneva. He became depressed, began to drink. In 2010, he also moved to Florida. “To be close to my children.” He came and Orianne again in more detail.

no, but still happy. And it should stay that way. My Motto: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, also.

together come?
age brings not only wrinkles, but also intelligence. Separations are a fact of life. The question is, how to deal with it. Orianne and I would have us all eternity to hate. But had anyone brought something. On the contrary, the us would have made life even harder. Rule number one: forgiveness can be reached. Rule number two: Listen to the children. Our wanted mother and father are together again.

Phil Collins thought for a long time, before he gives an answer. A restrained, nice guy, needs to prove nothing more.

On to my offspring, of course. And that I have my wife back. We enjoy to be together again. I am happy but also on some of the Songs I’ve written. Certainly, not all of them are great, but with the amount I’ve written, you can expect the same no one. Sometimes I’m just proud to get through the day.

I sit at home and watch CNN, mostly with an open mouth. The Trump fiasco is a never-ending story, but also fascinating. I can see me with my boys also like football games. Or I sit outside in the garden and reading a book.

biographies! Recently, I even read my own again, because I wanted to know if it is the comparison with others. I also like the author, Stephen Fry. Are recommended in addition to the old books of actor Alec Guinness, quite wonderful! To zuhocken too long around the house, however, is not in my nature.

Yes. About ten years ago, I decided to put myself to rest. I wanted to accompany my two younger sons while Growing up. But you’re older now, Matthew is 14, Nick 17. The latter even has a girlfriend who no longer wants his old Lord, if it is permanent.

Phil Collins was born in 1951 in London as the youngest of three children and is today one of the world’s most successful musicians of all time. His breakthrough he experienced in the ‘ 70s with the rock group Genesis. In the 80s he launched a solo career and hit the number-one Hits such as “You Can’t Hurry Love”, “Another Day in Paradise” and “One More Night”. In 2000, he won for the “Tarzan”theme song “You’ll Be in My Heart” the Oscar. Ten years ago, he adopted due to his ailing health state of the music business. To overcome alcohol dependence and the reconciliation with his Ex-wife Orianne (46) announced Collins 2015 to go again with a big Band on tour. With Orianne Collins has two teenage sons from two previous marriages, he has three other children, including Lily Collins (30), which is a successful Model.

Correctly. But that will eventually dull. Now I will go back to doing what I’ve been doing this for almost my whole life: to give concerts. I take it, however, will help you stay calm. I’m not so ambitious. Ironically, it seems that for the critics to arrive.

This is a nice understatement! You made jokes at my expense, I had to pretty corners bad things used to be. Now I feel for the first time in a long Time something like. For me, this is of course a great satisfaction. My break has voted the critics mild. Luckily! I’m not as bad as many have made.

Because I laugh still not dead, am (). For a time the mouths torn at all about my health: Phil can’t run anymore. Phil has a bad back. Phil hears nothing more. I thought, “Not Dead Yet” was a funny title for my biography. And three years later I’m “Still Not Dead Yet”.

The question had to be Yes. I’m fine, don’t worry. To Run I need a stick, but I got used to. It could be worse. The voice is still full. The sounds like with 28, promised.

Nothing out of the ordinary, I’m too normal. I just want to be able to stay here a bit longer for my family. I am now older than my father when he died. So I know that at 68, nothing is taken for granted.

Phil Collins says goodbye, once again says that he wanted to eventually return to live in Switzerland. The country is so calmly beautiful, he says. Just like he himself.