Instead of slashing the prices at the pharmacies, the doctors and the care to be recognised, should strengthen the Federal Council on the basic medical care, writes the Swiss Association of pharmacists Pharmasuisse today, Monday on the occasion of the launch of a Petition.

Because pharmacies, family physicians and nurses guaranteed that the “place of residence close to medical care for the entire population” and worked with price cuts on prescription drugs today is a major contribution to cost savings in the health sector.

Pharma Suisse disturbs in particular to the planned reduction in the sales share, i.e. the amount, the pharmacies, Doctors and hospitals for their logistics services. Thus, the Federal Council wants to save in the compulsory health care insurance every year, around 50 million Swiss francs.

Important role as a Endversorger

in Addition, the pharmacist criticize the planned introduction of a reference price system for patent-expired generic drugs. It is set for a particular active ingredient, a maximum price and only this compulsory health insurance will be reimbursed. Thus, the Federal Council wishes to create incentives for the Patient to choose the cheapest available drug. The savings he estimated at up to 480 million.

Further Reductions are planned for this year, writes Pharma Suisse. This, although in the last few years, a number of measures implemented, and several hundred million Swiss francs had been saved. In addition, just 4.2 percent of the health insurance premiums accounted for pharmacies.

The Federal Council, but the fact that pharmacies are actually cost-saving actors in the health sector ends ignore. Because of their role as First responders, they reduced the cost by up to 41 percent and reduced the impact on the other providers. They offer prevention and Impfleistungen and lowered so that the consequential costs for the economy.

pharmacies in wrong location

In the context of therapies pharmacist for the proper medication and be deceptive if made to a high effectiveness and a better adherence to Therapy. And with your information and health checks, they relieved the Doctors and the premium payer.

However, the reduction in lead to die a Pharmacy, as even the Federal office for health (BAG) in one study recognized: Already today 20 percent of the pharmacies in a difficult position were. Thus, the Federal Council dangerous to the “decentralized public Service” of the pharmacies and their share of the personal basic care to the premium payer.

for these reasons, Pharma Suisse has launched the Petition “tomorrow is medically well cared for”. In the petition, the pharmacist remember the inside and the pharmacist, the Federal Council “of his constitutional obligations” to provide basic medical care that is easily accessible and of high quality, and on the collaboration of pharmacists, doctors and care-based. (SDA/zas)