so Far, Novartis emerged of the young fathers among their employees as being particularly generous. Who was a new father, was allowed to take for his family just six days time. In addition, the employees were able to take ten days of unpaid leave when the boss was fine with it.

However, this scheme is now being expanded. From the beginning of July, the Basel pharmaceutical giant grants to its young fathers 14 weeks. In the “Aargauer Zeitung” with reference to employee information by CEO Vas Narasimhan (43).

For fathers, Novartis is in order soon so generously like no other employer in Switzerland. For mothers, however, nothing changes. As in the past, you will receive at Novartis 18 weeks. At least four weeks more than the statutory Minimum. The pharmaceutical giant wants to position as an employee-friendly company, a spokesman told the newspaper.

the money question is still open

Apparently, the paternity leave is not well thought out. So not yet decided how much to pay to get the Novartis employees during their Papizeit. In about a month, it should give more Details. After all, it is already clear that the new regulation applies retroactively. So you can also benefit who recently became a father, or before the date 1. July is. In addition, the rule also applies to adoptions.

The issue of paternity leave is being discussed in Switzerland, again and again politically. Unlike in many countries, in this country there is neither regulated by law, and paid paternity leave a statutory paid Parental leave.

Recently, the social Commission of the Council of States discussed two weeks paternity leave. This calls for as an indirect counter-proposal to the Initiative “For a reasonable paternity leave – for the Benefit of the whole family,” the four weeks. The consultation process for the indirect counter-proposal to that of the 2. March.

tech giant in Switzerland, the most generous

Even if a legal regulation is missing, many companies in Switzerland a heart for their fathers. So Google fathers offers twelve weeks of paid vacation, Microsoft six, and eight weeks are available at Ikea and Johnson & Johnson.

Also, Migros and Coop, as well as Swisscom, the insurer Mobiliar and Zurich, as well as the Raiffeisen Bank, with three weeks still to generous. A week more, Axa offers.