At the pump, the operators pay nothing. A competitor on the price of petrol is screwed, to draw the surrounding gas stations immediately. The motorist is nothing free in this world – apart from the occasional Tank-actions from 3 to 5 cents per litre of Unleaded.

However, in Winterthur, ZH is the watch Extraordinary. At the women’s field road, which leads from the city to the A1 motorway, lovers of six different gas station operators to less than four kilometres to customers. Their prices are not connected in about the same, as one would suspect. On The Contrary.

From 1.50 to 1.62 Swiss francs per litre of petrol

An eye of a VIEW on the morning of the 25. April shows: The cheapest provider requires 1.50 francs for a Liter of unleaded 95. The most expensive of 1.62. It makes a difference in price of 12 cents. In the case of a tank filling of 50 litres, the car drivers saves 6 francs. A Quasi-Kafi with croissants and chocolate-Brügeli for free, if you chosen the right provider w��.

Quite different in the case of Diesel: Here the price range is only 4 cents.

As a distinction to the price.

comes in the petrol as much air in the prices? Or a provider it pays as strong? “The pricing is the responsibility of the filling station operators can also opt for an aggressive pricing strategy,” says David Suchet, spokesman for the petroleum Association. Whether it is worth is another question. “The margins in this business are very small.”

Seek to the case of Winterthur: “a Lot of cost can also vary within an area depending on the location and equipment of the petrol station.” In fact, The three providers with a litre price of 1.50 francs belong to any of the large chain. There are smaller, local providers, two of them in a petrol station, shop only with cash machines. VIEW not asked in two of the three operators, Bürgi, and Kübler, whether you pay in the low gasoline prices. Both have not answered until the editorial deadline.

More or less the same, the prices are connected with the chains, Tamoil, BP and Avia. Of the three tank operators, BP is the most expensive with 1.62 Swiss francs per litre of Unleaded and 1.74 Swiss francs for a litre of Diesel. Until yesterday, Sunday, the most raised by the way the prices are 3 cents.